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Butter Slime


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This butter slime is split into four colours;

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple

It is up to you whether you want to mix it, or keep the colours separate, as there is a divider inside.

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Reviews (5)
  • Reviews
    1. :

      Super soft and buttery. It falls really nicely and is so fun to play with. I mixed all the colours together and it went a light blue/gray color which I actually really like. It smells like sherbert which I personally love. If you like butter slimes, or slimes in general I really reccomend this!

    2. :

      this is nice colour if you mix them all together not rippy at all also is very soft and doesn’t stick to things either me and my friends all loved it

    3. :

      It’s soft, and feels like butter slime.

    4. :

      Nice and soft and feels like butter slime.

    5. :

      Wow I absolutely love this place, the slime is so clicky,stretchy and fun to play with. It also smells AMAZING! The squishes are to die for,especially the new jumbo ones. Your prices are very very good for what you sell. Keep up the good work!

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